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Fincura Achieves Elite SOC 2 Type II Certification

Posted by Fincura | Dec 14, 2020 9:45:00 AM

SOC 2 Type II

Achieving a SOC 2 Type II certification with no exceptions is a testament to our commitment to being among the most secure software providers in financial services.
- Max Blumenthal, CEO, Fincura

Fincura, Inc. (Fincura) is excited to announce its SOC 2 Type II certification. Committed to building trust with our partners, end-users, and the market, we’re able to assure our customers of the highest standards of information security and protection.

This accomplishment is especially exciting for the Fincura team because we were able to pass our first SOC 2 Type II examination with zero exceptions, underscoring our commitment to maintaining rigorous security standards in our company’s technology, processes, and personnel, while providing the highest level of security and privacy for our customers.

Fincura’s products enable process efficiency, power better outcomes, and uncover new insights for commercial lenders. Our customers cut the busy work out of spreading, dive deeper into financial statements, and derive new insights from data that they aren’t able to use without our technology.


SOC 2: Type I or II?

As the gold standard of information security certifications, Service Organization Control (SOC) reports are based on trust services criteria provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

When companies consider SOC 2, they can choose between Type I or II.

Type I is a snapshot, reporting that a company had appropriate policies and controls in place at a specific point in time. While there’s an assumption that an organization will continue to use the processes they presented on that date, there is no proof of continuous adherence.

A Type II report includes an examination period that requires evidence proving continuous adherence. Achieving a Type II is a much more rigorous process than achieving Type I certification as it proves a high degree of ongoing commitment and adherence to the hundreds of controls that were set up ahead of our previous Type I evaluation.


What’s Next

Last year, we designed controls to achieve our SOC 2 Type I Certification. Our SOC 2 Type I Certification was a testament to Fincura’s commitment to data protection.

Our SOC 2 Type II certification is a confirmation of our ability to uphold the strict policies and procedures that we put in place. As we continue to grow, information security and privacy will always remain our top priority.

Fincura will continue to pursue annual SOC 2 Type II certifications that demonstrate our commitment to the highest security standards in the industry.


Want to learn more? 

Request a copy of our SOC 2 Type II here. 

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Fincura unlocks data that is trapped in financial statements, spreadsheets, databases, and workflow tools for commercial lenders to optimize operations and future-proof their business. By marrying artificial intelligence and human judgment, Fincura’s financial insight engine can extract financial data from scanned, unstructured documents and ensures that every team has easy access to a unified, transparent, and deep data asset. Fincura’s cloud-based architecture and focus on user experience power simple integrations, fast onboarding, and a product that adapts to its customers’ evolving needs.

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