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So Much More Than a Spreading Database

Posted by Max Blumenthal | Feb 26, 2021 12:51:26 PM


Typically, the thought of writing a blog post about a spreading database would give me shudders. As someone with far too much experience with Moody's Risk Analyst, I wouldn't think of a spreading database as having much value beyond holding some form of customer financials. 

The "real" financial models are all in Excel. Right?

Spreads aren't useful in my daily work. Right?

It doesn't have to be this way.

That's why I left my commercial lending job to start Fincura, and it's why I'm so excited to introduce Fincura's newest offering: A hyper-connected spreading database that is powered by AI and delivers client insights that saves you hours of work, each time you click.

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While our spreading database contains everything you would ever want and need, we decided to go the extra mile. Our goal is to get you to realize how much more you should expect from technology. In fact, we packed our product so full with powerful features, you might not even realize that it's a spreading database at all.


Never spread by hand again

Seriously. Our best-in-class technology powered by AI allows you to spread financials from any type of document in a fraction of the time. Scans, PDFs, Excel, and images. Footnotes too. You have to see it to believe it. Let us show you! Schedule a demo today.

Dig deeper into customer financials

Ever looked at a spread and wondered where a number came from? Yeah. Me too. 

The challenges of financial spreading go far beyond the time you spend typing numbers into a database. Each time you spread by hand, you lose the ability to trace where numbers came from. You spend far too much time figuring out where a number came from, how it was spread, or if there was a data entry error.

Digitize your entire spreading process with Fincura. Trace the components of every number in our spreading database. All the way down to the spot on the source document. Even if it's in a footnote. Spreading categorizations can be viewed and adjusted, if needed, in one click. 

Save over 80% of the time it takes you to spread. Save again each and every time you look at the numbers. Calculate how much you can save here. 


Insights on customer financials

Let Fincura work for you. The moment you complete a spread, Fincura instantly surfaces powerful insights about the company. Without even clicking a button. 

What does this mean?

- Get immediate confirmation that they meet your credit standards.

- Learn that debt coverage dropped because headcount increased.

- Find an upsell opportunity as leverage dropped due to strong revenue performance.


Modern API

Every feature in Fincura is enabled through our modern, flexible API. We believe this should be the standard for any enterprise software solution, much less one that generates powerful data as a core value proposition. Your IT and data science teams will be thrilled.


Continuous product updates

With Fincura, you get continuous product updates, ensuring that you are always improving. We built our team to combine world-class product and engineering talent with a deep level of domain expertise in commercial finance. 

You'll receive product updates daily, which we summarize each and every month for our customers. The limits of what you see today get pushed each and every day. With Fincura, you will always get to use the most advanced and comprehensive product available. That's my personal guarantee. 


Let's talk

So come take a look. Schedule time with us. We're always here, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to help you learn more about how technology can be your greatest asset. 

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Written by Max Blumenthal

Co-Founder and CEO